R&P Photographic Service has the pleasure of attending events on a local, national and international scale. Our expertise lies in our ability to cater to a clients needs be it on a large or small scale, providing a unique representation of their event. In todays advancing technology photography still remains the best way to capture the atmosphere of a special occasion. We have created a website specifically for you to find the best service for your up and coming event. So make your event one to remember by taking advantage of R&P Photographic Services 20 years of experience.


Tournament Event Photography. The classic team photography service that requires no pitching space on the day, with photographers circulating your event and sales happen after the event on a sale or return basis.


Competition Event Photography. This service requires an onsite studio to professionally photograph competing teams at classical music events, such as brass bands, orchestras, wind bands, and alike.


School Portrait Photography.  Classically done in the winter, this is a onsite studio shoot, to capture all of your students for sale to their parents. R&P specialise in Primary Schools and also offer a Summer Term service to take whole class pictures, often for the new and the leaver classes.


A hybred of our Sport and School photography, this service is aimed at individual mini & youth clubs within sport, music, dance, and troops. It is a Free Service that offers a percentage of sales towards raising funds for the club; which has proved increasingly popular and successful!